Overcoming the Challenge of Internal Bureaucracy

Why do we call this section "Faster Projects"? Because any business initiative you want to undertake that creates a product, service, or result can be managed using project management best practices. This approach creates the best possible outcome. 

We can provide the plan and execute it quickly by managing your resources or by procuring our own to complete the work.

It seems like an oxymoron, but the larger the company and the greater its internal resources, the longer it can take you to get things done. But it doesn't have to be that way. Bypass your organization's endless bureaucracy by temporarily empowering us to quickly and effectively accomplish the task at hand.

We don't want to rack up hours, we just want to get it done.

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If you are specifically looking for Project Management process consulting, you may also be interested in these offerings:


Who needs it: New project managers, teams, or leaders who want to understand project management best practice.

What it is: We provide an intensive 12 hour course that covers the most important aspects of project management principles from PMI international standards and their practical application in every day project work. You will fly an Adroit expert to your location, provide a room capable of handling the attendees and the display equipment. Price is per attendee.

2) Setting up A PMO for your company

Who needs it: Any organization that does not already have full-time or experienced project managers, but consistently undertake initiatives to produce new products or services, or updates to existing ones.

What it is: Supportive Project Management Organizations (as opposed to Controlling or Directive PMOs) act as a resource for any manager or team member involved in a project no matter how big or how small that project may be. The PMO provides guidelines, instructions and customized templates, so even a project without an experienced project manager can be run successfully. This will bring consistency to how projects are run and also help all stakeholders understand their role during the project life cycle. 

Use this in conjunction with our training on project management best practices to kick-start your projects the right way.

3) PROJECT Health evaluation

Who needs it: Companies that want to fine tune their project management approaches or need help addressing issues with a specific project.

What it is: For organizations looking to implement project managements best practices, Adroit will analyze their current approaches and then make detailed recommendations in line with PMI's International Standard for Project Management. For projects that are already underway and encountering issues such as delays, spiraling costs, and communication issues, we can take an objective look at the problems and recommend a better course of action.

We often use Discovery & Prevention techniques during this type of engagement.