The Experts That Make It Happen



Mark Acosta
Director of Operational Strategies

An effective operational infrastructure provides a solid foundation for rapid, scalable growth. Mark has both the technical background, as well as the entrepreneurial background, to understand exactly what your company needs in order to be successful in the long-term. Transition your company to better systems and more efficient workflows, so you can grow with confidence.

Mark is a seasoned entrepreneur with diverse Startup experience spanning 20 years and multiple locations including Hawaii, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, London and Madrid. With a B.S. in Computer Science, Math and Music from Wake Forest University and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Hawaii, Mark has applied a multidisciplinary approach to business and technology. He has a passion for pushing others to succeed and enter the marketplace while overcoming a myriad of challenges and providing positive motivation along the way.

The industry experience Mark has gathered spans from Virtual Reality, Competitive Video Game Platform Development, Blockchain, Grid Computing, Software As a Service, Automated Trading, Network Storage, Network Security, Apparel, Golf Travel and HealthCare Solutions. 

Dr. Michael Covington
Director of Intelligent Analytics

Find workable approaches to your unsolved problems. Dr. Covington’s broad skill set allows him to look at problems in a unique way and offer a unique solution. Techniques include exploratory statistics to help you understand your own business operations better, and machine learning and automated reasoning to build knowledge into software. Dr. Michael Covington directs and directly develops much of the work, and the Adroit team supports him in crafting final reports that highlight areas of interest for your intended recipients.

Michael recently retired as the Associate Director at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Georgia and is a Senior Research Scientist Emeritus. His expertise in computational linguistics and machine learning have led to contracts with prominent companies and government agencies during his career. He describes computational linguistics: “It is about enabling computers to use information that is expressed in English, Spanish, and other human languages.  Most of the world's knowledge is expressed in words, not numbers or databases.”

Dr. Covington has authored several books and more than 200 articles on scientific and technological subjects. He has graduate degrees from Cambridge and Yale and is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Krystina Motsinger-Francis
Founder, Director of Projects

At Adroit, Krystina coordinates our consulting projects, helps plan and schedule them, and brings in team members and development resources as needed, so that we always have the right solution for your business challenge.

Krystina has 15 years of direct team and project management experience, starting with her own company founded in 2004, Vivid M (M for Music), that developed and patented the world’s first online recording studio and live performance venue for musicians. During her career, Krystina has managed over 350 projects that range from development through implementation of Software as a Service platforms, rebuilding multi-national eCommerce sites, developing proprietary software solutions, and creating lean operational workflows.

Some of the industries served include financial, healthcare, and manufacturing where she also created or matured IP for her clients. Her forte is conceptualizing new systems or components and creating visual requirements/UX. She is a strong proponent of hybrid methodologies that combine the best practice techniques of PMI that ensure quality, while developing with Lean and Agile principles.

Mike Gomez
Director of Enterprise Growth

The larger the company, the more complex the opportunities. Growth strategies involving high dollar sales, partnerships, and acquisitions play a key role. Mike joins the Adroit team with over 12 years of large, complex sales experience. His total sales exceed $10B (USD). We can’t think of anyone better to evaluate your competitors, craft strategies, and lead the team in helping you overcome any obstacle in the way of your success.

Mike has represented aeronautical giants McDonnell Douglas, Boeing and Lockheed with sales campaigns to foreign governments in Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia and Africa. Mike was also a program manager with P&L and retained responsibilities over a $2.5B international jet fighter design and production contract.  In addition to his contributions at Adroit, he oversees the The Motum Group, a complex sales advisory group, and Allegro Consulting, which develops growth strategies for funded tech start-ups.

Mike is a prolific speaker, writer and a regular guest lecturer on international business, strategy, and sales process at Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Georgia. He was the 2010 recipient of the Metro-Atlanta Global Impact Award for his advisory work helping Atlanta to attract and retain new business.


Sal Hakani
Director of Risk & Data Management

What if you could have the original architect of your database available to help you with security audits, updates, and development? Let us introduce you to Sal Hakani, who served as a Principle Data Architect at Microsoft Corporation, which included Architecting, Evangelizing, Educating, Standardizing, Troubleshooting & Automating SQL Server processes across all Microsoft organizations. He also leads the SQL Server Technical Community, which spans 82 countries and has thousands of members.

Sal has worked with over 600 teams helping, supporting, and architecting SQL Server Solutions, His SQL Server technical programs revolutionized the way Microsoft employees learn and share their SQL Server knowledge at Microsoft. Through the OpsDB database suite, he has automated more than 80% of common DBA tasks, leading to its adoption as the standard automation database at Microsoft. Sal Hakani has won numerous prestigious awards for leadership, innovation, and customer service, and contributed to multiple publications and articles.

Delwin Holeman
Director of Usable Design

High quality user experience design should be uncluttered, intuitive, and simple. Delwin has acquired diverse design experience over the years and has the ability to empathize with the needs of website users. His attention to detail coupled with a desire to continuously improve the usability of the websites he creates guides his work. At Adroit, Delwin oversees front end development tasks including implementation of UX design and theme development for clients that need an optimized site as a part of their core business.

Through the years, Delwin has worked with over 160 businesses on website projects ranging from ecommerce to lead generation. He has developed 18 custom WordPress themes and has extensive experience developing websites on a variety of platforms. He believes that attending to the details of customer service are as important to the process of website development as the technical details.