Fix fragmented workflow and legacy systems that aren't scaling.

There are two aspects of IT Infrastructure, the hardware and the software. We can handle both types of implementations. The software services below represent a few of the options you may be interested in:

Implementation of an ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an end-to-end business management system that will handle every aspect of your daily business operations and workflow seamlessly. Our technology specialists will review your needs, implement the options that are right for your business, and customize the workflow to match up with your operations. 

Updates to Legacy Systems

Sometimes old systems need to be updated to a newer version to fix issues and improve usability. We will set up a separate instance of the newest version and migrate the data from the old system. When your are ready, the new version will replace the old one.

Help Choosing the Right Software

The options when choosing the right software can be overwhelming. We start by understanding your business case and the problem the software needs to solve for you. We then research options on the market and demo good candidates. From there we prepare a gap analysis and present you with the top 3 options. 

Software Configuration

Robust software is often highly configurable so that it fits your business workflow. Unfortunately, even the best tool for the job will be a failure if not configured to meet your needs. We can help you determine the most efficient use for the system and configure it for you.