Status Quo Is the Surest Way to Lose

Adroit is unlike any other consulting firm in that EVERY single consultant must have a background as an entrepreneur. We are inventors, innovators, and business owners. We excel at helping medium sized companies stuck at a growth plateau innovate and capture new markets.  Every Adroit consultant contributes to these types of engagements, offering your company a creative think tank. We will use some or all of the following processes to help you break out of the box.

1) Know your market

We often start by surveying your current customers and your target market. Do they know who you are and what you do? If so, what do they think of you? Why would they choose you over someone else? What frustrates them about your product or service? All too often, the business owners themselves try to answer these questions about their customers... and they get it wrong.

During this phase we also conduct independent research about your market and your competitors, and we look for the biggest areas for opportunity. If you have a marketing team already producing reports for you, we will work closely with them to analyze the data.

2) Know yourself

We don't just evaluate your market, we evaluate your company: its resources, workflow, distribution channels, partnerships, and infrastructure. We want to play to your strengths with any new approach we recommend. Sometimes we discover a major obstacle to your growth during this discovery phase, such as processes or systems that won't scale with you. We may also recommend some basic re-organization.

3) Innovate

Now it is time to put the research to good use, and begin to innovate. We may re-invent your current offerings; we may recommend new ones. Maybe the solution is something as simple as going after a new channel, but with an approach that resonates with that market.

This is accompanied by short-term, medium-term, and long-term growth strategies. We want to back up everything we recommend with expected ROIs, so you are not investing blindly in the future of your organization. If the plan doesn't meet the expected baselines during its execution, we want to be rapid in our response to the market to keep growth on track.

For this type of engagement to be truly successful, we have to build a relationship of trust with you. It is imperative that you understand why we make the decisions we do, and even if you disagree, trust us to get you where you need to go. You will have to be ready and willing to accept change.