Strategies for Win-Win Scenarios

We are about to talk deals worth $100 million and up, so if you aren't there quite yet- visit our More Market Share page. A huge part of enterprise level growth happens through large sales and mergers and acquisitions. We craft strategies for winning large deals and for assimilating recently acquired companies, so you can continue to excite your shareholders with good returns.

1) Winning Large Complex Sales

Who needs it: Companies with a potential deal worth $100 million and up, where the outcome is uncertain and needs to be secured.

What it is: Our veteran sales consultant, with over 10 billion dollars in sales under his belt, will help you determine the right sales strategy. He will help you identify the individuals that will make the final decision and what motivates them. He will research what the competition might be offering that you aren't. Adroit's methodical approach will give you every advantage in landing the next big deal. For international sales, we also recommend bringing our International Trade Compliance specialist to the table.

2) Assimilating Innovative companies

Who needs it: Large organizations that regularly acquire smaller, innovative companies in order to expand their product offering, secure market share, or control IP. 

What it is: Once you have decided to acquire another company, you may be at risk for losing the valuable development approaches, resources, and domain knowledge they bring with them to your organization. We help you salvage the best aspects of their organization and adopt them with an assimilation plan. Smaller companies have the advantage in market response time over large companies. With every acquisition, you have an opportunity to take advantage of their innovative, responsive culture. During the evaluation process, we will also uncover points of failure and areas of risk.

3) International Trade Compliance

Who needs it: Organizations doing business internationally where physical goods are involved.

What it is: We help you avoid fines and penalties by complying correctly with international trade regulations. We offer this consulting service as a supplement to assisting you with large sales.