Solving Complex Business Problems Through Highly Advanced Programming & Data Analysis

From securing sensitive information against threats and developing custom algorithms (logic programming) to solve complex business needs, to making Big Data useful or analyzing internal business metrics to find and fix inefficiencies- our data experts can tackle the most daunting challenge. 


Who needs it: Medium to large sized companies trying to evaluate business needs, create growth models, identify inefficiencies, etc.

What it is: Day to day operations at your company can be represented as data and analyzed. Do you have baselines for success and is your work meeting them? How effective are certain business processes and what would make them more efficient? Are there trends emerging and do those need to be encouraged or mitigated? We can create intelligent data models that answer these questions for you and help you make informed decisions about the next steps you need to take to scale up, improve your workflow, or accomplish almost any other business objective.

Data security & Risk Management

Who needs it: Companies of all sizes that interact with or store sensitive data such as financial information.

What it is: We can help identify potential data security issues and make sure your systems are updated with bank level security measures to prevent the exposure of sensitive data. We will either oversee a full security review or develop fixes against problems already identified.  As a part of this service, we also develop risk mitigation strategies.

Automated REasoning

Who needs it:  Large companies developing complex software systems that are attempting to build automated decision trees or systems that should respond in a human-like manner.

What it is: Our expert in artificial intelligence, specifically logic programming and knowledge representation, can assist your programming teams in building custom algorithms that will create intelligent software systems. These types of systems mimic how humans use logic and reason to solve problems or can respond to human input with a human-like response.